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 The Rules1.0

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Timepenguins Administrator

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PostSubject: The Rules1.0   Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:00 pm

1.No Spamming - This mean no Post's that does not make anykind of sense if you do and your new you will be given a warning for posting spam.

2.Don't Double Post -Please do not double posting That means posting the same post twice or posting twice in the comment's section.if you do you will be given a infraction for double posting,if your new its alright but if it happens daily you will be banned.

3.No advertising - If you realy realy want to advertise do it in your signature's "Or" In The advertising section.If you do and we find out you will be given an infraction for advertising in the wrong section.If your new that's a different story.

4.No flaming/Popularity Contest -Never or please don't argue with anyone "or" even be rude to them."Or" The Staff.If you do and we catch you you will be banned for 1 day reason:Flaming/Being rude to the staff.

5.Don't Backseat a Moderator -Please do not backseat a moderator,By pretending your a moderator When your not.Please don't post"Please lock this thread"Or"This thread is not needed.Because thats backseating A Moderator.if you do you will be given an infraction for backseating a moderator,"Or" lose your chances on becoming part of the staff.

6.DO NOT POST INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES/LANGUAGE -Don't post adult materials, or anything that is considered offensive.No dalt if you do you will be permanent banned.

7.No Hacking/Cheating Discussion -Don't post anyting about cheating or links to third party programs. This also includes password sharing.if you do you will be banned for 1 month.

~ The Staff~

@Asosciated With ClubpenguinFun Do Not Intend to Steal Copyright
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The Rules1.0
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