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 Cheats Secrets & Glitches Rules!

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PostSubject: Cheats Secrets & Glitches Rules!   Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:55 am

]Cheats Secrets & Glitches Rules

1.Don't Post Cheats That do Not Work - Please do Not Post Cheats That Do Not Work Before You even Try To Post The Cheats Test Them Out First On club Penguin.If you Do You Will Be Given a warning For Posting A Cheat For Clubpenguin That Does Not Work.

2.Do Not Make Up Clubpenguin Cheats(Considered as Phony Or Fake Ones.)Many times we will Say This Please Don't Try To Fool Us,By Making Up a Cheat That don't Work If You Do You Will Be Given an Infraction For Posting a Cheat Secret"Or"Glitch Thats Made Up Don't Exist Or Fake.

3.All Forum Rules Applied - All The Forum Rules are Basicaly Applied as All Of Them.

Any Questions?,Contact a TPNC Staff Member(TimePenguins & NightClub)
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Cheats Secrets & Glitches Rules!
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